Dichroic Glass and Cast Pewter

The foundation for my artistic expression is the raw material of dichroic glass. The creative process involves changing the raw material into a new entity — a miniature abstract composition.

In the beginning, cutting the glass determined the feasibility of certain shapes for a finished pendant. I started with the most basic shapes of squares and rectangles [see Past Jewelry].

Although the glass shapes have remained the same, the framing of the glass has evolved with the introduction of cast pewter, permitting the addition of triangle, oval, diamond and now circle pendants. The pewter is enhanced with hand hammering or fine line etching. Please click on each category listed below.

• Innovations — the process
• Shapes — triangle, oval, square, diamond, circle and rectangle pendants
• Accessories — earrings, scarf and belt buckles
• Metal Jewelry — hand made copper and sterling silver pendants

Triangle pendantOval pendantSquare pendantDiamond pendantCircle pendantrectangle03